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Dualism in secret services

original 7ani.net

Who has not heard at least once in life a conspiracy theory. Who has not heard of organizations such as the CIA, NSA, MI 6, etc., or: Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Vatican, etc?

Who has not heard of conspiracies: New Age, Jewish, Enlightenment, Freemasonry, aliens, Chinese, etc?

Perhaps only those people for whom nothing in the world that does not matter, except food, drink and entertainment.

For the rest: we live in a world of conspiracies and theories. Continue reading


How to be happy with my life

How to be happy with my life?
I often wished to go back in time and change the course of events of my life. There are too many things that I do not like of my life, there are too many things that I would like to have done a long time ago and that would have made ​​my life from the present to look different.
Quantum physics may provide a solution in this regard, but the world is far from this step. So I have only one alternative: to live my life as it is. Continue reading

End of the world to find you full belly!

Is coming end of the world! Of all!
No need to panic, eventually we all die, one way or another. Too sad for horoscopes believers, they can not predict this, physical and quantum  actualy
There must be one end. There is an end to everything. Trees die , houses become ruin, the people perish, dreams and aspirations crumble. – What are we humans? Just a breeze? Probably. Very likely. Continue reading

Black Friday around the world

The name Black Friday comes from the fact that vendors have in this day – a very hard day. Also some roads may be somewhat blocked. The other reason, too many buyers huddled at once.

Black Friday Mania occurs everywhere on the planet’s surface, including the former Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Continue reading

What is the difference between humans and animals?

First, people differ from animals in that people think. How much thinking – that’s another story – endless one.
Humans are superior to animals for many reasons, humanity trying to answer this issue.

But people do bad things: drugs, violence, selfishness, pride, arrogance, envy, vengeance, hatred, betrayal, etc.. Continue reading

Great ending story

I love movies with happy ending. Good ending story.
Who doesn’t like it?
In life also, a good ending to anything is desirable. Especially when we work very hard for that.  The most inconvenient things of all, are to do your best and to have received exactly opposite of what you expecting.

Therefore I wish you all:
a happy and successful ending to all your project!

Everyday life and beautiful dreams

Sometimes life can be very boring. Day after day doing the same thing lead to mental block. And because this kind of life is boring the dreams appear.

In dreams we can be anything we want, beyond of possible reality.  Subconscious creates a beautiful world for us, a world full of what we want, based on what we always desired.

The world of a dreams not only that is beautiful but it’s meant it to help normal flow in all events in reality. Any human who is just a little bit pleased of what he has will work in correct parameters. And that “pleased”,  that makes all thing working perfectly is the masterpiece of art: The DREAMS.