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When we are too good people consider us stupid

This is the life! It happens in our society – “civilized society”.

People too good have no place in our world. They are too stupid to rise above others guts. In business as in life everyday, is need to know how to say stop, otherwise you trampled.

If you’re too good, and you want to please everyone, you end up destroying your health and even life but you will never be able to thank them all.

It is better not to be on the other side of the border, to be selfish, live only for you but not even to be a slave to others.


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Services today

Most times we are unhappy with the services  received, and we wonder why they are so bad as long as we pay good money for them.

The answer is very simple: most companies pay a lot of money to accountants, lawyers, secretaries, salespeople – but not enough workers, those who actually do the work.

So.  We have underpaid workers and we want quality service. . – No way.
Plus: chief   want that work be made quickly, and workers can not do this than skipping certain steps – so this reduces quality.

Policy that kills us

Whether we want it or not policy is what makes a state to function in a democracy. Without policy consists of several parties exist the risk to fall into dictatorship. Sometimes, too many high-level views can cause chaos.

Difficult decisions taken populist can cause disastrous future events.  Subjective decisions,   without taking into account   exact dates of issue – can also hit in future. But the worst of all: serious decisions taken as a result of blackmail.
All this is happening today under gentle eyes of the media and organizations that have the task of supervision.

If America was somehow protected as a country – politically speaking – Eastern Europe not had the same luck. This policy proved for 45 years what means missing democracy. And then, after 1990 same policy proves what means lack of serious political infrastructure.

The whole world awaits rescue from politics. One of the world wants to be better, another not be exploited any more –   but all people put their hope in politics – a policy that actually do more harm than good. A policy that kills without remorse – if the “need” require.

A wicked soul

Q: why some of us have wicked soul?

We are born like all other people, need air, breast milk (food), water, .. we are hot or cold, cry for no reason, babble something in baby language – and above all we are beautiful – beautiful children.

Then the  children grow, and learn more about many. Education. We will not take into account the families who do not educate their children,and we  try to understand situation of 2 children from the same family,  the same education, the same values ​​inherited from the family, who take different paths in life.

It is true that two people  are not identical exactly as  two snowflakes are not identical. But considering education and received love in the family … is an enigma. What exactly defines us as a human? What is the character if not a line of our own thinking (with personal desires) and living experiences so far? Yet, where the lines separating for this 2 kids?

How to measure intelligence in our society?

We live in a society of money. Whatever we do we need from money.
However, some people are geniuses but are poor, some others are stupid but they have a lot of money. How we measure this fact?
I mean, I ,with two doctorates,I have less money than my brother who has not even finished college. How can? It means that he is smarter than me?

Why do we get sick so often?

Why do we get sick?
Well, the reasons are varied: infection, parasites, viruses and bacteria, kicks, toxins, radiation, damaging cells, genetic diseases. Either they are guilty of human body illness.
But beyond these facts that we see in terms of health is something. Something inner.
When we are healthy it is well,  after a while we feel that this should be. While we forget what good is to be healthy , we forget that good feeling. And for  appreciate the good feeling we need disease, to awaken us from lethargy.
Why do we get sick so often? Because very often we forget.
Other people believe that disease comes from God as a punishment or as a rebuke in order to save us.

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