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Multivitamins and minerals for life

Multivitamins and minerals
For years we eat all kinds of foods full of chemicals, very harmful to our body. I’ve never been more assaulted by food poisoning that in these last decades.  Whether we are or not interested  – yet – … this until one day when we will have to go to the doctor. And it will be too late.

Moreover. Do not only all sorts of weird chemicals in food
but also the fact that we eat very poorly: hamburger, cool food, fast food, more meat and sweets – and this in the expense of vegetables and fruits, makes us sick.  Without seeing we put desease in us by an unhealthy lifestyle.
The decision is ours, of course. It is our life and we do what we want with it. It is our body and we give him what we want. But we will regret later.

Recommended daily: apple, nuts, a banana,  carrots, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, cabbage, cucumber.



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