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Policy that kills us

Whether we want it or not policy is what makes a state to function in a democracy. Without policy consists of several parties exist the risk to fall into dictatorship. Sometimes, too many high-level views can cause chaos.

Difficult decisions taken populist can cause disastrous future events.  Subjective decisions,   without taking into account   exact dates of issue – can also hit in future. But the worst of all: serious decisions taken as a result of blackmail.
All this is happening today under gentle eyes of the media and organizations that have the task of supervision.

If America was somehow protected as a country – politically speaking – Eastern Europe not had the same luck. This policy proved for 45 years what means missing democracy. And then, after 1990 same policy proves what means lack of serious political infrastructure.

The whole world awaits rescue from politics. One of the world wants to be better, another not be exploited any more –   but all people put their hope in politics – a policy that actually do more harm than good. A policy that kills without remorse – if the “need” require.


One Response

  1. Policy has positive sides, namely the fact that not everyone has the courage to assume responsibility, politicians have.

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