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End of the world to find you full belly!

Is coming end of the world! Of all!
No need to panic, eventually we all die, one way or another. Too sad for horoscopes believers, they can not predict this, physical and quantum  actualy
There must be one end. There is an end to everything. Trees die , houses become ruin, the people perish, dreams and aspirations crumble. – What are we humans? Just a breeze? Probably. Very likely.
And would not it be a shame, as the last day of our earthly lives to be a sad one? We better start eating enough! As did all our ancestors? Do we not live to eat? Sort of …
Why all this science? To help us? Blessed be all nonsense people  that have no idea what’s wrong with them ​​in this world! They have no worries, no stress, no moral issue. They eat and drink like any other animal, and accepts his fate exactly. And they die happy – in their stupidity.


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