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How to be happy with my life

How to be happy with my life?
I often wished to go back in time and change the course of events of my life. There are too many things that I do not like of my life, there are too many things that I would like to have done a long time ago and that would have made ​​my life from the present to look different.
Quantum physics may provide a solution in this regard, but the world is far from this step. So I have only one alternative: to live my life as it is. Continue reading

How to measure intelligence in our society?

We live in a society of money. Whatever we do we need from money.
However, some people are geniuses but are poor, some others are stupid but they have a lot of money. How we measure this fact?
I mean, I ,with two doctorates,I have less money than my brother who has not even finished college. How can? It means that he is smarter than me?