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A wicked soul

Q: why some of us have wicked soul?

We are born like all other people, need air, breast milk (food), water, .. we are hot or cold, cry for no reason, babble something in baby language – and above all we are beautiful – beautiful children.

Then the  children grow, and learn more about many. Education. We will not take into account the families who do not educate their children,and we  try to understand situation of 2 children from the same family,  the same education, the same values ​​inherited from the family, who take different paths in life.

It is true that two people  are not identical exactly as  two snowflakes are not identical. But considering education and received love in the family … is an enigma. What exactly defines us as a human? What is the character if not a line of our own thinking (with personal desires) and living experiences so far? Yet, where the lines separating for this 2 kids?