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What is the difference between humans and animals?

First, people differ from animals in that people think. How much thinking – that’s another story – endless one.
Humans are superior to animals for many reasons, humanity trying to answer this issue.

But people do bad things: drugs, violence, selfishness, pride, arrogance, envy, vengeance, hatred, betrayal, etc.. Continue reading


We all have opinions

Is good to have different opinions about things? Or not?
I think therefore I am” – a word more than wise.

So if you think it means that I am alive. Perfectly. The proof  that I am living  is the fact itself that i think. So, those who argue loudly that too many personal opinions are something bad, something that brings too much confusion – they are wrong. Life can not be wrong, and a human life is proved by the fact that man thinks ( has personal opinions).
So: think please!